Saturday, July 02, 2005

Life at HP

I have been working for Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) for almost 13 years now. It has been a great experience so far, and I have nothing but good things to say about HP.

This week, on Tuesday the 28th of June, 2005, I found out that I am in the workforce redeployment program. I have 13 weeks to find another job in HP. If I don't find one in that time (deadline, September 30, 2005) I will be laid off.

I decided to revive my blog due to this new life-changing event. My postings over the next 13 weeks will be heavily laced with my feelings about this layoff, what I am looking into for my new career (if any) and how things are going in my job search.

If you're reading this blog, you can pray for me and my family as we go through this transition. Mostly pray for wisdom, and that God would reveal his desire for this family.




Blogger NikeBBaller3 said...


I wish you the best, and having been with my mom when she was fired from her job....let me tell you, ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR A the time, it didn't make sense and it was scary...but now she is working a her "dream" job and it's so odd, that if she was not fired, she would not have found this DON'T WORRY!!!! Good things happen to positive people, and I can assure you that it will all work out a lot better then what you think!

July 2, 2005 at 9:07 AM  
Blogger oufoofighter said...

NikeBBaller3 is right. Things will work out.
Good Luck, oufoofighter

July 2, 2005 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Hey Cyrus: thanks for the encouragement! Things have always worked out for the best for me. I just keep trusting God, and looking up!


July 4, 2005 at 7:43 AM  

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