Thursday, July 07, 2005

Summer of Change

Well, it certainly feels like the summer of change to me. Our postman of 12 years has been assigned to another route, and he won't be delivering our mail to us anymore. We've known him from our daughter's class in school too, because they have a boy in her class.

It may be one of those situations like, when you're pregnant, everyone is pregnant. But I don't think so entirely. Lots of things are happening, and change is in the air. It is exciting and disconcerting at the same time.

Our worship leader at church is getting married, and we just hired a new worship pastor, so the timing is great.

I just received my severance package information in the mail today. Not much that I did not already know, but again, I must say that HP is going to great (in a real good way) lengths to see us through this change too.

My aunt (mom's sister) is visiting this week from Minnesota, so that's a nice change. She comes out once a year or so. My mom's oldest sister; she's a wonderful lady, and I love her dearly. We're gonna go have dinner at a Chinese Buffet, so that will be fun too. -All for now . . .


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