Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fire Stops Second Crass Act

Second Crass Act (the band I drum for) had a gig last night at the Oregon Trader Brewing Co. in Albany, OR. We had two songs left in our first set when the few people who were there, started looking out the window, and then walking out the front door.

Wondering what was up with everybody leaving, we stop playing and followed them outside to discover that the vacant building complex across the street and a half-block down, was on fire!

We watched for awhile, and the blaze grew larger and more intense. Fire trucks arrived around 9:05pm and began dumping water on the building. After about one hour, one of the ladders on a truck struck an overhead power line and emitted a huge white ball of light accompanied with a very loud ZAP! Everybody in the crowd shouted, or screamed, and then three or four more times the ZAP! and ball of light occured.

Then, the lights went out.

We packed up our gear and that was the end of the gig.

Click here to read the whole story in the Corvallis Gazette Times online, and notice the mention of the "rock band Second Crass Act."


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