Monday, February 26, 2007

Jane's Cancer Dx

Here's the long story:

Jane had a routine colonoscopy in January of 2006, and her Gastroenterologist, Dr. Judith Csanky (pronounced "Shaanky") diagnosed her with diverticulosis, which is a large intestine condition in which pouches, or pockets form in the colon, oftentimes becoming inflamed (diverticulitis).

Jane was doing pretty good between January '06 and July, when she started having more and more difficulty with her bowels, problems eating lots of different foods, etc. She kept going to our family doctor and complaining of pain, discomfort, etc. She was prescribed Metronidazole which is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It killed some of the good bacteria, and left room for some really bad stuff called Clostridium difficile.

C. difficile
, as it is called, is a nasty little bug, which put her in the hospital for about a week in November of '06. About 2 weeks after release from the hospital, the C. diff reared (no pun intended) it's ugly head again and this time the infectious disease control doctor put her on a Vancomycin taper treatment that was to continue about 2 months into January of 2007.

We went to California for Christmas, and while there, Jane's discomfort continued to increase. Upon our return, we went back to the doctor had another colonoscopy which revealed an obstructed bowel. Dr. Csanky pressed for surgery (bless her!), and Jane went in on January 29th to have a bowel resection (remove the diseased section of colon).

Immediately after the surgery, Dr. Faddis came and spoke with me and my sister Pam who was waiting with me. We were told that the surgery went well, however there was a cancerous tumor that had grown outward from the colon (not inward as usual), which surprised even him. He was able to remove most of the tumor, but not all of it.

Jane stayed in the hospital for about 6 days, and came home to recover on February 5th.


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