Friday, June 23, 2006

Back From Reno

I left on Tuesday morning for Portland airport with my Aunt Ellen in tow. We checked her in for her flight and then I dropped her off at the airport Shari's restaurant to meet an old school chum. Then I returned to the airport and dropped off the rental car and headed to my flight.

I arrived in Reno at 2:30pm on Tuesday, met the seller of the Honda 1100 Sabre that I bought on eBay, and we went to the Honda shop to close the deal. After a quick test ride, I decided to test the fork lock, and we couldn't get it open again. It took some fiddling, but we finally freed it up, and I drove to the motel for the night (what a dump).

I awoke at 5:00am and got dressed, went to the nearest gas station, and filled up for the first part of my trip home. It was a beautiful morning (about 56 degrees) and I rode with just a long-sleeve t-shirt for the first 100 miles or so, before I got chilled. I pulled over in a cool valley across from a cattle ranch, and donned my jacket and headed out again.

Made it to Susanville, CA. about 7:20am and ate breakfast, and filled up the tank, and took off again. Drove to Tulelake (where I was on reserve) and filled up again, then on to Klamath Falls, OR. Ate lunch there, and took off again. By the time I got to Oakridge, the wind had picked up and was hitting me straight in the face the rest of the way home.

Needless to say, my butt (mostly my tailbone) was very tired by the time I arrived in Corvallis, but we got home (me and the bike) safe and sound. The Shadow ran great, and it was a beautiful ride for the most part. I can see that I have to get used to "the wave" when coming across other bikers.

More to come . . .


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