Saturday, June 17, 2006

Am I Crazy?

You might ask . . .

I bought a 250 Honda Rebel for Jane for Mother's day this year. It's a beautiful starter bike, and she has been asking for one for awhile now. I surprised her with the purchase, and she was delighted. Jane is now in the process of completing the Team Oregon motorcycle rider's course, and getting her motorcycle endorsement.

I had been watching a Honda Shadow 1100 on eBay during the past week, and decided to bid on it. When I bid, I choose a price I'm willing to pay, and then set my maximum bid at that amount. If I win, I win, if not, then I walk away. In this case, mine was the only bid for most of the auction, then one bid came in on the last day. I thought, "oh no, there's going to be a last-minute bidding war." But, it never transpired, and I got the bike for a GREAT price!

I fly to Reno, Nevada on Tuesday to pick it up, and ride it home. That will be a fun inaugural trip, I must say. From Reno through Susanville, CA. then on to Klamath Falls, OR. Then, from Klamath Falls to Corvallis. See you when I get back!


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