Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Porta-Cath Insertion Procedure

Jane went on Friday the 23rd of February to have a porta-cath inserted in her upper chest. A porta-cath is "Designed to permit repeated access to the venous system for the parenteral
delivery of medications, fluids, and nutritional solutions and for the sampling of venous blood." In simple terms, it is a device implanted under the skin with tubing that is inserted into the subclavian vein until it reaches the superior vena cava of the heart.

The idea is to eliminate the need for repeated insertion of I.V.'s while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. This method also helps reduce possible problems from the harsh chemicals to smaller veins in the arm.

During the insertion procedure, Jane's left lung was punctured slightly, causing what is called a "pneumothorax" (collapsed lung). In Jane's case, it was only about 5%, but enough to cause her discomfort, and by Saturday morning, she was still in pain. After calling the on-call doctor, she went to the emergency room for a chest X-ray, and they found the pneumothorax had increased in size somewhat. So, Jane was admitted to the hospital (again) and spent Saturday and Sunday night in Med/Surg.

After 2 nights in the hospital, the doctors released Jane, and she came home without oxygen (which is a good thing). The past week or so has been a bit trying for Jane, to say the least, but she's doing pretty good physically otherwise. Her bowel surgery is healing well, and we had an appointment with the surgeon today, and he feels that she has made great progress.

We visited with the Radiologic Oncologist on Monday morning, just prior to Jane's discharge from the hospital, and I will post the outcome of that conversation tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Blogger Roanna said...

Thanks for your blog. I would love to hear more about happened through Jane's Chemo regime. I had my portacath inserted yesterday and begin chemo next week (also for bowel cancer) Best wishes. Roanna

October 9, 2007 at 5:09 PM  
Blogger brooksvirtualconsultants said...

I really am glad that people are talking about this......... I am having a portacath insertion done soon, I am a breast cancer survivor..........

December 22, 2008 at 11:08 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Hey Doug! I'm typing up a blog post for my blog about my porta-cath insertion next Wed. 3/4 - and first chemo starting next Friday 3/6. I googled Porta-cath insertion and up popped your blog. I was looking for a description for my blog so I could explain to everyone what was going to happen. I am so very sorry to hear about your Jane. I had surgery 1/30 to remove a lump in my breast that was found to be cancerous (grade 3 aggressive), as well as one of my lymph nodes. I've had a helluva ride so far, as it sounds you have/and are having. It also sounds like your Jane has the equivalent of my Stephen - a loving and supportive husband. The most amazing thing about my cancer journey so far has been my husband - see my post about him when you have time (something you don't have much of anymore I know) http://kellyless.blogspot.com/2009/02/for-better-or-worse.html

While we MUST go thru with these treatments to save our lives, the best medicine is the love we get from everyone, but expecially from our partners. Hang in there, I've already been thru a whole lot (bad care, infection, tons of scary tests, shopping and finding new amazing doctors, choosing my treatment) please feel free to email me anytime if I may be of help, or if you want to bounce ideas off of me. Best wishes to you and Jane - just hang in there. Kelly

March 1, 2009 at 7:40 AM  

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