Sunday, July 13, 2008

American Idol Tour Concert

My sister Robin and brother in law Tim bought tickets for Amy and me to go with the to the "American Idol" tour show in Portland last Friday. It was a pretty good show, overall. The lighting was great, the band was fabulous, and the singers were even better than when they were on the show in competition.

Jane and I watched every week of this year's season, and she even saw the final show when David Cook was crowned the winner of American Idol. Jane was weak and tired, but she raised her hand, made a fist, and whispered in a weak voice, "YES!"

So I took my cell phone to the concert on Friday, and I have a photo of Jane as my screen saver. When David Cook performed, I turned on the phone and pointed her photo toward the stage and told Robin, "Look, Jane is watching David Cook from heaven." We both laughed.

After a few seconds, her picture faded to black (it's a screen saver that times out) so I pushed the button and it came back on. Then it faded again, so I pushed the button and it came back on. I was reminded of Tom Hanks in the movie "Castaway" when he would flick the penlight on and off, while looking at the photo of his fiancee.

So, here's a video of the cellphone version of "Castaway" starring Doug and Jane.

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