Thursday, July 28, 2005

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

They say that breaking up is hard to do . . . remember that old song? Well, leaving HP feels a little bit like breaking up. I remember a relationship that I had with a girl during high school. We dated for a whole school year, then she went back to the states (from Japan where we were living at the time) for the summer.

When she came back she broke up with me, well, sort of. For about 2 weeks it was on and off again, and finally off for good. That's a little bit what I have felt like during the last 4 weeks at HP. The relationship is really over, but the girlfriend (in this case HP) is sort of tugging me along and saying "you can find another job with us" while the whole time, they know it's not possible.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry at all. I just kind of flashed on that old girlfriend and the parallel between that and HP.

I delivered my 1 year old Toyota pickup truck to its new owner today, and watched him drive off with the second new car that I've ever owned in my whole life. I liked that truck, but it wasn't all that difficult to let it go. I will miss the ability to easily haul my drum kit around though.

I got a letter from LBCC today saying that I've been accepted into the Culinary Arts Schools, so I'm pretty jazzed about that. Let's pray that this program will be paid for by the Trade Act retraining program.

So, things are moving along, and life is a continual, changing process. And it's good.


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