Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Crack in the Ground

Amy and I went on a two-day road trip yesterday and today (July 3rd and 4th) to Christmas Valley, Oregon. We went there to see "the Crack in the Ground." I had heard about this place in an article in the Gazette Times a few weeks back, and was intrigued about it.

We left at about 11:40 am on Tuesday and drove to Eugene, then past Willamette Pass ski area, and on to Fort Rock (where we came close to running out of gas). Stopped there, got some gas, and took a quick peek at Fort Rock.

Then, left for Christmas Valley. We had dinner at a local (not too bad) restaurant, and spent the night in a comfortable motel room. Woke the next morning and ate a hearty breakfast, and then drove the 8 miles on gravel road to the Crack in the Ground. It wasn't what I'd call spectacular, but it was interesting, and worth the drive. Here are some photos.

Then, we headed home to Corvallis, over the pass again, and Amy took a few pics from behind the driver.

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