Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Honeymoon

That's what the Hospice nurses sometimes call it. The period of time during the dying process when the person is looking, and feeling relatively good.

Yesterday, Jane asked Terry and me how we thought she was doing. "Do you think I'm getting worse?" she asked. It seems to us that she has landed on a plateau; neither better nor worse for the past several days. She has been drowsy; gradually growing weaker, but no dramatic changes.

So when the Hospice nurse arrived yesterday morning, we were anxious to ask her about where she thought Jane is right now. Apparently many people go through this "honeymoon" time in their end of life process; many of you may remember how blissful you were on your honeymoon, only to arrive home to the reality of marriage, and realize that now you are going to have to roll up the sleeves, dig in, and work at this relationship.

Sunday (Mother's Day) and Monday, Jane slept more than she was awake. I get her up from her chair, or from bed at least twice per day (ambulate TID) walk a few paces, or go sit outside when it's nice (like yesterday). But that's about all it takes to wear her out.

So for right now, we're going to enjoy the "honeymoon" and pray (just as most of us did on our real honeymoons) that it never ends.



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