Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

I went to the Boy Scout tree lot where we have purchased our Christmas trees for the last 16 years. As I walked through the lot, looking at the trees, my eyes began to well-up with tears. I thought that I might completely break down right there.

I found a somewhat misshapen tree; it just seemed to fit right now . . . I made it to the car and sat there for a few minutes, tears rolling down my cheeks, thinking of Jane, my kids, and me. How will Christmas be this year without her?

My good friends Duane and Melinda drove me there to pick it up, since I don't have a truck anymore. I thank my God for good friends.

Thank you to everyone who has sent words of encouragement these past few days. May your Christmas be filled with hope, joy, and peace as you celebrate the gift of life!

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