Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip to Canada - Day 3

Had a great day on Day 3, traveling through some of the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen (and I have seen some beautiful mountains!). Drove through Glacier Park in Canada (not to be confused with the one in Montana), and Banff.

Stopped in Banff (Amy's favorite place) and bought some souvenirs, took some photos, etc. Some key learnings about Canada:

1. Canadians are CRAZY drivers (sorry to all my Canadian friends).
2. You get what you pay for (dumpy motel room).
3. Canada is BEAUTIFUL!
4. Amy knows how to shop like a girl!
5. Gas is cheap, only $1.05 (oh WAIT, that's per litre) so, since it's a complicated conversion, let's just say that I have no clue how much I'm really paying.
6. It's fun to be able to drive 110 (KPH).

Heading to Kalispell, WY. today through the American Glacier Park. See you on the other side of the border later tonight!

Canadians appreciate Jimi Hendrix too.

Banff Springs Hotel

Lake Louise

Reminds me of the Matterhorn

Beautiful mountain range

Is this the town's statement about their dietary regimen?

I heard Canadians are liberal . . .

Amy likes the Maple Leaf on the McDonald's signs

Amy's morning posture
A couple of Canadian drivers we met

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