Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip to Canada - Day 4

Back in the U.S, back in the U.S., back in the USSA! (hum to Beatles tune).

Left Calgary early this morning, with dark skies and threat of rain. Got about 40 miles south and the sun came out, warmed up, and very nice. Very pretty country south of Calgary on the way back to the US border.

Crossed the border at Piegan, MT. and headed to Glacier National Park (the American one). It was a gorgeous day all day. Not like the rain and wind that haunted me on my motorcycle trip 6 weeks ago.

Got to the West Entrance after crossing the summit, and stopped for a nap while Amy SHOPPED. Arrived in Kalispell, MT. about 6:30pm. Beautiful weather, beautiful country! God Bless America!

View from Glacier summit.

Mountain near top of Glacier.

Butterfly photo by Amy

East entrance to Glacier

Approaching Glacier park

U.S. Border

Amy ready to leave Calgary

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