Saturday, November 19, 2005

First Aid - A Bus Stop Story

Yesterday, I was coming home from school, waiting at the Corvallis Downtown bus terminal. I was earlier than usual, so I was going to catch the :15 after bus to go home.

As I was looking around, I saw a young lady running to catch a bus. She tripped and fell face-forward right onto her head and left arm. I quickly walked to her, to see if I could help, not knowing the extent of her injuries, if any.

There were probably 15 other people at the terminal, and only one other person responded to her plight. A curious phenomenon relating to traumatic situations. When I arrived at the place where she was laying, I discovered that she had blood flowing from above her left eye. She had a gash and her glasses were broken on the ground.

I immediately called 911 while I tried to comfort her and get help from somebody with a rag, or towel. I asked the girl her name, and she told me "Nancy." Nancy is slightly mentally retarded, but she was coherent (considering the circumstances) and was able to tell me her home phone number, and her age.

Very shortly, a police officer from the probation department arrived and began to render first aid. In a few more minutes, the Fire Truck and medics arrived. They took over and got her bandaged, placed her onto a board and transported her to the hospital. It was a great experience for me (not to say that I am happy that Nancy was hurt, not at all!) but it taught me that I can be calm and make decisions in an emergency situation.

I did experience hurt for Nancy, and was a little overwhelmed because she was injured. This is something I will need to learn to keep in control during trama situations.

I called Nancy's parents later that night, and found out she was doing well; just a gash with some stitches, and a sprained wrist.