Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I cannot believe how wonderful the Anvil 2007 (Rattlesnake Hills) Syrah is. Our local distributor - "Trader Joe's" cannot keep it on the shelf!!! It's wonderful! Discovered it through a friend this summer when we went to visit them in Brownsville, OR.

Two of us took a sip from our glasses simultaneously, and both of us said, "WOW" at the same time. If you like red wine, this is the best I have tasted in years. I am afraid that eventually all of it will be sold, and there will be no more. Maybe I should buy a case and lay it away somewhere?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow, Seriously?

It has been a LONG time since I've made an entry in my blog; I mean the last one was back in November of 2009 . . . almost one year ago.

Things have changed a LOT since then.

1) I made it through the first year of nursing school.
2) I met a wonderful woman, Paulette.
3) I had a GREAT summer off from nursing school.
4) I moved AGAIN. My landlord sold the duplex I lived in.
5) I started my second year of nursing school.


1) The first year of nursing school was very challenging for me, and for most of the students in my class, I would venture to say. We lost over 20 people throughout the course of the year for one reason or another. A few that I know are restarting this fall, others have gone on to do other things they're better suited for.

2) Paulette . . . well, what can I say? We graduated from the same high school together in Japan (The American School in Japan), and even had a modeling job together (from which I have a gigantic poster with both of us in it). We became reacquainted on Facebook, and met up at spring break, and have been dating ever since; which leads me to:

3) I had a great summer. Spent most of my summer in Tumwater, WA. at Paulette's. Sanded and finished her 800 sq. ft. redwood deck, trimmed her trees, fixed her water feature, cleaned out the garage and repaired a storage shelf, etc. etc. We enjoyed many good times together, ate well, drank well, and I lost about 30 lbs. in the process!

4) Near the end of the summer I found out my landlord had sold the duplex I was living in, and the new owners wanted my unit. So, I had to scramble and find a place, which it turns out is much nicer and better located. So it worked out for the best. It also turns out that being "twice removed" from my home of almost 16 years was a very good thing for me too. I now feel like a new person: in fact, I was thinking that on the way home from nursing clinical tonight.

5) Second year of nursing school is going great! I passed my first Post-Test with the best grade I've gotten since I started nursing school, and clinicals are going fantastic! I love my patients, being in the hospital, and this year we finally get to do the things that nurses do. It's great.

There are still challenges in my life, but the road ahead is filled with promise and excitement. Stay tuned because I think I'll resume blogging now . . . at least until next summer.