Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turbulent Times in Week 9

As I mentioned last week, Jane's PET scan results did not come out so well. We have done a lot of rethinking, and adjusting of our plans, only to find out that there may be a way for me to stay in school.

We have an incredible immediate family (both mine and Jane's) and a fantastic church family; and many have indicated a willingness to help us make it through not only Jane's health issues, but my schooling as well.

We really need God's guidance and wisdom at this time; for timing is critical, and there is so little of it (time). I hope I'm making sense. Please pray for us to have the wisdom to make the right choice regarding my staying in school while working on Jane's health.

I have only a couple more skills to finish up on in school, and a few exams, and the term will be finished. Pray for focus, clarity, and recall.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

End of Week 8

Not only is this the end of week 8, but after this term, it is the end of nursing school for me; for awhile at least.

But this is really not about ME at all, it's about Jane. My beautiful bride of 20 years has been hit again with a recurrence of her cancer. After her PET scan last Friday, we received a phone call this Monday from the oncologist, telling us that the cancer had reappeared, and new nodules were present. We went for a visit on Tuesday, and saw the films (PET Scan) for ourselves; and it did not look good.

Jane started back with her chemotherapy the very next day (Wednesday) and so far has tolerated this first treatment fairly well. The oncologist changed one of her drugs (Oxalyplatin) which caused neuropathy (sensitivity to cold, tingling, numbness, etc.) and those symptoms, obviously, have not occurred.

We have decided to put my nursing school on hold for the time being, and I will be returning to work full time at Samaritan Albany General Hospital. I have 2 more weeks of nursing school this term, and then finals. My grades are good, so there should be no problem completing this term. I spoke with my Trade Act representative, and was told that they will place a "gap" in my training, which might allow me to return to school in the fall of 2008 and restart the program. We'll see what happens between now and then . . .

Most of all, right now, please pray for Jane and her health.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lucky Week 7

The seventh week (7th week!) is over, and it's been good. I finished my medication administration skills lab, which was really fun, and I learned a lot! My learning style is really a mix of things. You know when "they" make you fill out a questionnaire to determine your learning style, and then try to fit you into one of four boxes? Well, it's almost never that simple, and certainly not in my case.

I learn by several methods, and usually I have to combine them all into one, in order to learn something. I love reading my text books (I read every chapter, and almost every word). Then, I listen to CD's or DVD's on the subject, and the practice the skill (if possible) on someone else. If I had to choose one style over the other, I think it would be research and writing. I learn a TON of stuff when I have to research a case history, or drug information, etc. It causes me to really think, and to dig, and to make sure my answers are correct, and in the process, I learn something.

On a less upbeat note, Jane's health has not been so good lately (read her blog). She came home from work on Tuesday with a bad stomach ache, and did not work the remainder of the week. When we first entered into this plan for me to go to nursing school, it was with the understanding that Jane would work full time, and I would collect unemployment, or work part time, or whatever, in order to make ends meet. With Jane unable to work, it's putting a lot of stress on our budget.

More importantly, we are questioning whether she should continue to work, and I should continue to go to nursing school. I mean, what if I make it all the way through, and she drops dead? I know that sounds harsh, but I don't want to be a nurse so badly that I would sacrifice Jane's life to become one.

We're weighing options now, and trying to come up with a plan that would allow Jane to not have to work, and for me to continue going to school. That's a tall order, because her salary pays the monthly mortgage bill, and we're on her insurance policy at work.

We prayed about this 2 years ago when I started on this path, and have been praying all along, and we continue to believe that this is where God wants me (us) to go, but it seems questionable now, and we don't seem to be hearing anything from God at the moment . . .

So, if you have a little time, drop a prayer for us.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Significant 6

This week, the number six has two significant aspects. One, is that this was the 6th week of class this term, and we're more than half-way through. Good learnings this week in classroom, skills lab, and especially in the clinical setting.

Working with patients and other nurses, doctors, etc., is very exciting. I feel like a sponge, and am trying to soak it all up.

The other aspect is that this Tuesday (November 6th) is my 53rd birthday. I was talking with a classmate this evening, and told them how old I am, and they said (in true nurse fashion) "appears younger than stated age." Made me laugh!

Had our Post Test #3 today too, and I did quite well, so overall, a great week. Looking forward to medication administration skills lab checkoff this week, and various other assignments and studies. Check back again next week for more . . .

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