Monday, November 09, 2009

How Could I Have Known?

I remember laying in the grass at Porter Park watching Jane play softball. She was the team pitcher, and we worked together on her pitches every year on our side yard. The black and white photo of her in this note was taken at one of the games at Porter Park.

I realized just this morning that as I watched some of the games held there, I was less than 200 meters from the duplex where I now live. It's interesting to me, and I sometimes wonder at how things in life change. I could not have known then that I would eventually be living only a short distance from where I was laying on the grass, my life changed.

A wise friend told me shortly after Jane passed away that there would be many "firsts." I don't remember them mentioning "seconds" or possibly even "thirds."

Thanks go out this morning to my friend Bob L. who pointed out the blazing sunrise, causing me to look out my back door and notice how things have changed.

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears . . .

-Sunrise, Sunset (From Fiddler on the Roof)

Jane Pitching

Beautiful, blazing sunrise this morning.

The ball field (Porter Park) just outside my back door.

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