Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Goodbye, Old Friend

Today, we said goodbye to an old friend. Our Golden Retriever, Toby was put down today; he had been sick off and on for over a year, and finally got to the point where the end was in sight.

About a year and a half ago, Toby had a large tumor on his right flank. One day I looked out the window and his tumor had burst, and had left a large, open wound in his side. So, I took him to the emergency vet, and they wanted to put him down then. I told them that I couldn't make that decision right then, and there, so I took him home, bandaged up and with some antibiotics.

Then next day, I took him to our regular vet, and she suggested using a salve the is used on horses; so I did, and after about 2 weeks, the wound was completely healed, and he was eating again. He gained back about 20 lbs., and went on to live the last year or so relatively healthy.

Well, about a month ago, we started to notice Toby was not his old self anymore, so I took him to the vet again, and she said that it was probably time to "let him go." We waited another two weeks, and this week he hadn't been eating at all, and was very lethargic. So, this morning I called the vet and made the arrangements for him to be euthanized. I took him to the vet at 4:00pm, and after a few minutes waiting, the vet came in with the syringe and the lethal dose of barbituates.

She injected Toby, and before she was even 1/3 done, he lay his head down and went to sleep. Within 30 seconds, he was gone. They left me alone for a little while, and all I could do was keep petting his head and telling him "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." It was one of the most difficult things that I've ever had to do.

We will miss you, old friend! You were one COOL DOG.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Crack in the Ground

Amy and I went on a two-day road trip yesterday and today (July 3rd and 4th) to Christmas Valley, Oregon. We went there to see "the Crack in the Ground." I had heard about this place in an article in the Gazette Times a few weeks back, and was intrigued about it.

We left at about 11:40 am on Tuesday and drove to Eugene, then past Willamette Pass ski area, and on to Fort Rock (where we came close to running out of gas). Stopped there, got some gas, and took a quick peek at Fort Rock.

Then, left for Christmas Valley. We had dinner at a local (not too bad) restaurant, and spent the night in a comfortable motel room. Woke the next morning and ate a hearty breakfast, and then drove the 8 miles on gravel road to the Crack in the Ground. It wasn't what I'd call spectacular, but it was interesting, and worth the drive. Here are some photos.

Then, we headed home to Corvallis, over the pass again, and Amy took a few pics from behind the driver.

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