Tuesday, August 16, 2005

All Patched Up

I had my abdominal hernia repair surgery yesterday. Everything went great! In the previous two surgeries, the Doctor put patches on the outside of the fascia, stitching the patch to the fascia. The first hernia (about 3 years ago) was quite small, resulting in a patch about 3 x 3 inches. The recovery time was about one week.

The second occurrence was larger, so the Doctor made a vertical incision about 6 inches in length, just above the navel, and inserted a much larger patch; again this time on the outside of the fascia. About 6 months ago a third occurrence began. This third hernia progressed to the point where it was almost 4 inches in diameter, and very ugly!

The Doctor decided to do this surgery laparoscopically, and insert the mesh patch from behind the fascia. I went in yesterday at 8:30 am for admitting to the short-stay at the hospital. My surgery took place at about 12:30pm, and I awoke about 2:00pm. This time I underwent a general anesthesia, and had a breathing tube inserted into my throat. I did not feel or remember any of that, but today my throat is a little sore and I am hoarse.

The most remarkable thing about all of this is that I have very little pain (well, I am taking Vicodin) but the pain is MUCH less than my second surgery. I should be good to go in a few days this time. Hopefully, this patch will take care of my hernia problem once and for all.

The short-stay staff was excellent, and a lot of fun (believe it or not).


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