Monday, August 29, 2005

Idle Time

It's been a little while since my last posting. I am about 98% healed up now from my hernia surgery. Very little to no soreness now, and the swelling has gone down a lot. I started swimming again last week after the surgeon said it was ok. The first few laps felt funny since I was stretching my abdomen during the strokes. But other than that, I'm back up to a mile with no problems.

Still working hard at getting things in place to attend school this fall term. I have registered for classes, and am working through all of the logistics. Here's what I'm taking this term:
  • Spanish I
  • Biology
  • Speech
  • Earth Science
I'll be going to school on my own dime for the fall term, and by the end of the term in December, my retraining plan should be approved by the Trade Act Representative. Please pray for everything to go well!

The summer is winding down now, and the weather has started to cool off a bit. DJ and I have been working on the shed for the past 2 weeks. The drywall that was installed a few years ago was really nasty. Mice had gotten in between the walls and made nests, doo-doo piles, etc. It was a mess, so DJ and I removed all of the old drywall and installed new stuff. This time we taped all the seams and mudded them. Today we're going to texture and paint the inside, so it's going to be nice and sealed up this time.

I have a few meetings this week, so I'm staying busy, but I'm getting a bit antsy about starting school. It's new and exciting, and I have a fairly long stretch ahead of me, so I want to get started; but, I want to focus on the JOURNEY as well as the GOAL.


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