Saturday, September 03, 2005

Remodeling House & Shed

This seems to be the summer for remodeling too. DJ and I have been working on remodeling the backyard shed for the past couple of weeks. Hanging drywall, taping, texturing, painting. DJ is becoming a great taper and texturer, and helps a lot hanging drywall too!

This week I decided to finish the laundry room too. It started out that all I was going to do was paint over the drywall. I moved the washer and found severe water damage on the wall board behind it, so I replaced the wall board; but before I did that, I thought "wouldn't a new washer and dryer be nice?"

So, I bought a stacked washer/dryer and did about 2 days worth of work getting the spot ready; replacing the faucets, drain pipe, drywall, and building a pedestal to set the rig on. My back is really sore and tired today. But it's almost done. I'll finish painting the shed today, and then finish painting the laundry room and it will all be finished.

Oh, I finally got my severance pay from HP this week, so that was nice too. So, it's all over with, and the fat lady has sung! On to bigger and better things. . .


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