Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Looks Like This is the End

. . . so stay tuned for our next "Underdog" show. Do any of you remember that line from the cartoon series "Underdog?" It was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Sometimes lately, I have been feeling a little bit like underdog.

Well friends and loved ones, today was the end; the last day of my first term of nursing school, and the end for at least another year. I completed the term with an 86 average in NUR 101, (a mid-B), and a 90 average in Pharmacology (I think its an A). I don't feel too badly about not getting straight A's at this point; especially after all we've gone through these past few weeks in our personal lives.

I had an exit interview with the head of the nursing program today, and she said that I would be welcome back to the program anytime. All of the instructors have been SO NICE and caring this past term!

I was talking with Jane about this being the last day today, and a huge lump started to rise in my throat. I started thinking of the past 2 years, and all of the hard work both Jane and I have put into this endeavor. And now, it feels as if it's all going away. It's a form of loss, and I need to come to grips with it; and I will. It might take a few days to do that though.

I have a few days off between shifts at the hospital, so I go back to work on the 15th. It will be a nice break after the first term of school. Jane is flying to California tomorrow to see her dad for a week, and then back in time for the remainder of the Christmas holidays. She is feeling ok right now, and hopefully will continue to tolerate the chemo treatments well.

I am truly going to miss the friends that I have made during this term of nursing school, and wish them all the best as they continue on. Meanwhile for me, it's a shift of gears.

More to come . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Doug:
Just to let you know that when I went to Nursing School, if anyone got straight A's, they were Doctor material. You did absolutely GREAT!!!! This time coming up will be important for both you and Jane, and because you are going through these trials as a team, you probably feel like one person instead of two. Remember God is with you, and so are all your families and friends. I am here for you both, and as always I give Jane's name in for healing when I go to my Church. Love and Prayers, Regina

December 7, 2007 at 3:54 PM  

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